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You have the opportunity to build an unstoppable stream of referrals from providers and professional throughout your community.  This course will give you the complete system necessary to build multiple professional referral acquisition systems in your office.  

By integrating this system, you will meet more providers, gain their trust and respect, and most importantly, gain trusted referrals from them consistently.  If you remain consistent, this has the potential to outperform any other marketing system in your office and remain active long after you establish these professional relationships.

This course is mostly made of videos and downloadable resources to get this system up and running.  Invite your staff to train with you so they can become a driving force behind your successful Professional Outreach Program.

The Design of the Program

There are three systems to this program, broken up into three chapters.  The content is mostly video, with some supporting text, downloadable documents and scripts for phone calls.  Each of the systems  serve a specific purpose and will allow you to connect with providers of various types and levels of connection with you.  The three programs are:

The Professional Outreach Program

This specific program is a system that helps you meet providers you have absolutely no connection with and turn them into referral leads.  It is a cold-call system.

The Existing Patient Provider Outreach Program

This system is designed to take the provider connections you have through your existing patients who love your work, and turn those providers into referral sources.  It is designed to retroactively acquire lists of providers who are potentially  aware of you and your care through your patients.   It is a warm lead system, and can be very successful.  This system uses many of the steps in the Professional Outreach Program, so make sure to watch those videos first.

The New Patient Provider Outreach Program

This program is designed to take new patients who are coming into your office, and meet their providers as the care of your new patient continues.  This will lead to countless connections and community awareness of your work within your local healthcare network.  This program takes time to set up and customize, but once it is established, it becomes a substantial driver for meetings, networking, and referrals.

What's included?

21 Videos
1 Survey
1 Text
4 PDFs
Chris Slininger
Chris Slininger

About the instructor

Dr. Chris Slininger is an upper cervical chiropractor with a big goal in mind – helping more upper cervical doctors see more patients with bigger business organizations and higher quality care. Dr. Slininger served in the U.S. Army Reserve for 9 years including a deployment during Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his military career, he spent 3 years under the Army Reserve Medical Command traveling with a team to analyze and restructure support of military hospital units to help them effectively reach their goals of mission-ready status. These years spent in systems analysis and strategic planning with military hospital units helped shape The Strategy Room. Now, Dr. Slininger is taking these skills to upper cervical practices to help them reach their biggest and most unique goals. Treating every practice as a unique business model, The Strategy Room will help you achieve your unique practice goals and realize your vision.

Dr. Slininger stays highly involved and connected in the upper cervical community. He is actively practicing at the Upper Cervical Center of Brandon in Florida. He is on the Board of Directors of the ICA’s Council on Upper Cervical Care. He is currently in the Diplomate of Chiropractic Craniocervical Junction Procedures program, hosted through the ICA’s Council on Upper Cervical Care. He is the Executive Director of the Advanced Orthogonal Institute. He has trained in many upper cervical techniques, and now is using the training, the military experience and the connections to help expand and establish upper cervical practices everywhere.

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